This poster is a part of a project that expresses our own opinion about design. I focused on questioning our general opinions toward design.

Do we have too much hype on design? Will designers be replaced in the future? How would our society assimilate designers? These are all interesting questions to explore.

Being 35" * 50" big, this poster has a really big visual impact when hanged on the wall. For the small type hiding in the center, one needs to walk close to see them. The process of walking close to the black void in the center of the poster is quite an unusual experience.

Size: 35" * 50"

Design Is Superstition


An event poster designed for RISD to show all its exhibition in Fall & Winter 2016 semester.

Hierarchies are strongly emphasized to clearly display exhibition informations. There are totally three different galleries involved, and some of them have much longer names and more information than others. Color coding and careful typography are used to aid to clarify informations alongside the expressive form.

Size: 24" * 36"

RISD Exhibition 16–17


Comparison poster showing biographies and works of two famous typographers, Henryk Berlewi and Jan Tschichold. This poster also features essays comparing the two in details. The form of the poster is aimed to imply the Constructivism movement that both designers involved with.

Size: 17" * 36"

Comparison Poster


A flyer designed for promoting a math event. It was printed and distributed on campus of Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science.

Size: 8.5" * 11"

PRIME Math Event


An experimental radical poster trying to use the forms of Constructivism.

Size: 11" * 17"

Strive To Win


An Invitation designed for an art exhibition. It was distributed in large numbers via both printed and digital mediums.

Size: 4" * 6"


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