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Poster for Hua typeface family.

Hua is a humanist sans-serif inspired by the essence of nature. It features curvy and elegant letterforms that represent the soft and peaceful side of nature. Featuring 14 weights from the very thin to the very bold, Hua captures the full spectrum of nature.

Size: 24" * 38"

Hua Type Poster



Poster designed for a conference event hosted by TongJi University in Shanghai, China and co-hosted by one of the publications of RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). The conference focused on discussing the idea of bringing community empowerment and city (landscape) planning together. The form of the poster took advantage of the intricate Chinese glyphs in 3-dimensional space with the theme of looking bright and optimistic into the future.

Size: 24" * 38"

Community Garden Event Poster



A lettering poster of the first sentence of the famous Medieval poetry O Fortuna. The poetry expresses the utter resentment and helplessness caused by our fates. The letters are drawn like spider webs weaving together, hinting the fact that no one can escape from lady Fortuna's plans.

The Original Poem:
O Fortuna
velut luna
statu variabilis,
semper crescis
aut decrescis;
vita detestabilis
nunc obdurat
et tunc curat
ludo mentis aciem,
dissolvit ut glaciem.

O Fortune,
like the moon
you are changeable,
ever waxing
ever waning;
hateful life
first oppresses
and then soothes
playing with mental clarity;
and power
it melts them like ice.

Size: 24" * 36"

O Fortuna



A Chinese (Simplified) version of poster designed for Fyodor Dostoyevsky's famous novel Crime And Punishment.

Crime and Punishment translates to only three short characters in Chinese which are very powerful and concise. Even the word for "crime" and "punishment" have the same radical. The entire visual form of the poster is comprised of the word "Crime", "Punishment" with the word "and" in the middle.

Size: 24" * 36"

Crime And Punishment Poster



A poster designed to show the form and specimen of Hourglass, a versatile type I designed.

The letterforms feel simple and milky, and a color palette of rich blue & pink would fairly justify their special qualities. The poster features two juxtaposing letters set in Hourglass to show the elegant letterforms. An introduction, alphabet of letters, and specimen of the type are also included.

Read more about Hourglass here!

Size: 24" * 36"

Hourglass Type Poster



Calligraphy and typeface were long been different from each other after type cuts stopped mimicking calligraphy in early Renaissance, but as we progress into the digital world, their definitions and forms have been slowly merging into each other thanks to the new technology available such as OpenType. Like the Gothic Revival movement, this project is an attempt to bring the soul of traditional calligraphy into the digital world and explore what new forms could letterings achieve that typefaces cannot.

The nature of calligraphy is built upon the meditative repetitions of systematic strokes defined by specific rules that require careful executions and innovative variations. I made it no different in the digital medium: every line and stroke were drawn meticulously, and every detail was individually inspected and perfected. The process is quite a celebration of hand-craft quality, which is different from the industrialized, mass-produced, and well-optimized design workflow that leads to fast iterations and rapid prototyping. It is an anniversary gift to my significant other.

First row reads “Doudougou”; second row reads “Xiaoxueqiu”; third row reads “Anniversary”.

Size: 32" * 40"

Anniversary Lettering



A poster made for my significant other celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival, one of the four most important annual events in traditional Chinese culture.

The festival is usually in September when full moon is visible. Cultural practices include observing the moon, enjoying mooncakes, and sacrifice for the moon god in ancient times.

The poster introduces vernacular Chinese visual elements like the line drawings of clouds and the ribbon connecting people to the moon. The cat represents the spirit animal of my significant other. The typeface used here is Neon, a font I designed to hide information which writes vertically like Asian scripts.

Read more about Neon here!

Size: 24" * 36"

Mid-Autumn Festival Poster



A poster designed to show the form and specimen of Stonehenge, a versatile type I designed.

Because the letterforms bare much resemblance of ancient stones and carved letters, I gave it color palette of contrasting colors and a very structured layout for a classical feeling and identity. An introduction, alphabet of letters, and specimen of the type are also included.

Read more about Stonehenge here!

Size: 24" * 36"

Stonehenge Type Poster



A poster designed to show the form and specimen of Neon, a vertical type I designed to exclusively hide information from reading.

Neon types from top to bottom and from right to left. With its uniform textures generated from letterforms with identical rhythms, the individualities of each letter get lost which make people really hard to distinguish and read the material. The letterforms very much resemble neon tubes, hence its name.

Read more about Neon here!

Size: 24" * 36"

Neon Type Poster



A poster designed to show the form and specimen of Slab, a versatile type designed with the forms of italic weights.

Slab trys to carry a playful feeling with the characteristics of italic types in a book weight.

Read more about Slab here!

Size: 24" * 36"

Slab Type Poster



A poster designed to show the form and specimen of Hotel, a type designed to experiment with vertical writing with latin alphabets.

Hotel is one of the first vertical writing systems I ever experimented with. It features an almost uniform stroke width with a reversed contrast. Each one of the letters are also designed to fit into the new system while still keeping resemblances of their traditional counterparts.

Read more about Hotel here!

Size: 24" * 36"

Hotel Type Poster



This poster is a part of a project that expresses our own opinion about design. I focused on questioning our general opinions toward design.

Do we have too much hype on design? Will designers be replaced in the future? How would our society assimilate designers? These are all interesting questions to explore.

Being 35" * 50" big, this poster has a really big visual impact when hanged on the wall. For the small type hiding in the center, one needs to walk close to see them. The process of walking close to the black void in the center of the poster is quite an unusual experience.

Size: 35" * 50"

Design Is Superstition



An event poster designed for RISD to show all its exhibition in Fall & Winter 2016 semester.

Hierarchies are strongly emphasized to clearly display exhibition informations. There are totally three different galleries involved, and some of them have much longer names and more information than others. Color coding and careful typography are used to aid to clarify informations alongside the expressive form.

Size: 24" * 36"

RISD Exhibition 16–17



Comparison poster showing biographies and works of two famous typographers, Henryk Berlewi and Jan Tschichold. This poster also features essays comparing the two in details. The form of the poster is aimed to imply the Constructivism movement that both designers involved with.

Size: 17" * 36"

Comparison Poster


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